August, 2011

Save the Maplewood Post Office

A campaign to save the Maplewood Post Office is in full swing. Efforts to keep the post office open began after the United States Postal Services(USPS) placed the office, located at 2800 Marshall Ave., on a list of offices nationwide being considered for closure.

The City of Maplewood is spearheading the effort and has mounted a postcard campaign, inviting residents and businesses to sign postcards to support the post office remaining open. Postcards are available at City Hall.

Residents and businesses are also invited to attend a Community Meeting with USPS on Tuesday, September 13th from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at the Maplewood Public Library. The Maplewood Chamber of Commerce is strongly encouraging businesses to attend and show support for keeping the post office open.

August, 2011

Just Another Day in Maplewood

I have been in my position as Executive Director for almost three years, although it seems longer. While I have always taken my professional endeavors seriously, I’ve never felt engaged or connected to a job like I am with the Chamber/MCBF office. Is it because I’ve been wildly successful and that I’m adored by all? Not even close. I am openly disliked and I have felt failure often and deeply in the last three years. However, for the first time in my life, I am passionate about my career. More specifically, I am passionate about the community that it has afforded me the opportunity to be part of.

I am inspired nearly everyday at the passion people show for a City and concern shown for one another. Just a few days ago, I received a call from an 82 year old senior citizen living in Maplewood. He needed a couch moved from his home to the street. He was out of options after calling several agencies looking for help. I sent an email out requesting assistance for him. Within seconds I began receiving responses. A group was mobilized and 24 hours later, the couch was moved. This is just one story (not even my best), but one that replays daily in Maplewood. I could recall a dozen more just like it!

While I’d like to think that I’m no longer a newbie here in Maplewood, my awe of the communities’ spirit gives me away. A true Maplewoodian, one that built and fostered the culture for which I draw so much inspiration, expects nothing less from one another. Upon hearing this story, they would simply chalk it up to another day in Maplewood.

August, 2011

Family Video Launches New Program

Family Video was concerned about the impact that a lingering recession and chronic unemployment was having on their customers. Concern turned into action last week when they began offering free movies to families.

The new program, being tested at the Maplewood store is offering all of their catalog title movies for free. Catalog movies represent approximately 4000 movies. Of course, this is in addition to 700 kids, sports & fitness and educational movies that already rent for free. The new program isn’t to surprising given Family Video’s other programs that focus on giving back to the community. “This program is just an extension of the other things we do to give back to the communities we operate in.” says Roy Williams III, Vice President and Regional Director of Family Video. “Things like free turkeys to needy families throughout the holidays and our famous “Report Card A” program that rewards students with a free movie rental for every “A” attained at the year end. Last year, we gave 2 million movie rentals to school children for free with this program.”

The new program was created in response to the reality that Family Video customers are facing. “When the unemployed and underemployed are barely making ends meet, even a family movie night can be out of reach.” commented Williams. He went on to say, “Our business model is to treat people how we would like to be treated. This program is a natural extension of that philosophy. We give back the communities we operate in by hiring local people, paying taxes that supports our local schools, police and fire departments. Our competitors, Redbox and Netflix only take money out of the community and give nothing back.”

The Maplewood Family Video is located at 3515 S. Big Bend.

August, 2011

L’Arche Slide

August, 2011

Premier Insurance Source, LLC

Premier Insurance Source, LLC is a home-based business that is owned by Paul Barker of Maplewood.   Paul has lived in Maplewood for 7 years and enjoys the small town atmosphere that Maplewood provides.  Paul is a financial representative with 10 years of experience who specializes in many types of insurance and investment planning.  As an independent agent, Paul is not tied to any specific insurance or investment company and is therefore able to offer his clients many options from which to choose.  Paul is committed to helping his clients prepare for the future while protecting their assets in an environment that is constantly changing.

Premier Insurance Source, LLC is proud to be September’s highlighted business because September is also Life Insurance Awareness Month.  According to the industry research group LIMRA, 30 percent of U.S. households have no life insurance whatsoever.  Today there are 11 million fewer American households covered by life insurance compared with 6 years ago, and the majority of families either have no life insurance or not enough.   Paul wants to encourage everyone to review their life insurance to make sure they have adequate coverage.

Paul Barker can be reached at (314) 781-5286, or you can visit his website at

August, 2011

Larche Main Page

August, 2011

Chamber Softball League Wraps Up

The Chamber Softball League celebrated the end of the season with a barbecue on August 17th.  Bragging rights and the First Place Trophy belong to the MRH School District team.  Other businesses that participated in the league include Buskin Tree Service, Citizens National Bank, Cousin Hugo’s, John Stricker Auto Body, Landmark Builders, Moffitt & Associates, Premier Design & Construction, and Sandra B. Kapsar, CPA.

The Chamber softball league wishes to thank George and Sharon Sneed for their hard work throughout the summer and to Jerry Gibbs of J&E’s Office City for preparing the barbecue feast!  Finally, special thanks o the City of Maplewood for the use of the Deer Creek Ball Field.

August, 2011

The Business of Our Businesses

A few weeks ago, I was having lunch with a group of Chamber members. During our conversation, someone mentioned that a local business had been recognized in a publication for being an outstanding place to work. After a lengthy conversation about this article and others recognitions this company had recieved, someone asked, “What do they do?” The group suddenly got quiet, all exchanging puzzled looks.

While we all strive to shop locally and “keep it in Maplewood”, do we know the business of all of our businesses? Many are blatantly obvious such as Frontenac Engineering, or at least implied as in Encore Baking. However, I would guess that even our most involved business leaders may be unsure of the business of every Chamber company. Below, I have made a list of Chamber businesses whose industry may not be as apparent as others.

Auditec (2515 South Big Bend) records, reproduces and markets the majority of the diagnostic auditory tests of hearing for audiologists and otolaryngologists worldwide.The recordings aid in the evaluation of hearing pathologies from peripheral hearing pathology to central processing disorders in children and adults

The Miriam Switching Post (2171S. Big Bend) is a unique resale shop specializing in gently used furniture, lamps, mirrors, artwork, decorative items, antiques, china, crystal and silver. All proceeds benefit the Miriam Foundation which offers unique, quality programs that respond to unmet needs for children challenged by learning disabilities and their families.

Moffitt and Associates (2725 Sutton) mission is to make the world a better place by providing accurate, independent and reliable consulting services to clients/managers through site and operational analysis, design, specifications and project observation in the areas of Sports Fields and Landscape.

Mosaic Services (7539 Manchester) is a non-profit that helps at-risk children at the ECC by partnering with their families. This group provides needed services from academic tutoring to financial assistance.

Myotherapy Pain Relief of Missouri (7415 Hazel) Myo means muscle. Myotherapy is a ‘trigger point’ therapy. It involves pressing on small, constricted, sore points that trigger pain in areas away from the points.

Nix and Associates (7219 Manchester) provides meeting and conference management to corporations and non-profits.  Services include event budgeting and financial reporting, contract negotiating leverage, on-site management and professional logistics expertise.

RKL Consulting (7342 Manchester) specializes in providing art for businesses.

Scherrer Instruments (7170 Manchester) specializes in the sales, service, calibration, design and engineering of electronic measuring instruments.

Sense Corp (2731 Sutton Blvd., Suite 200) believes that in order to survive a company must review each aspect of their business to determine if the pieces are working together. This requires an all-encompassing view that can be very difficult to gain. Sense Corp is a “new breed” consulting firm built to help partner-clients gain this perspective . . . so they can not only survive, but thrive.

The Core Group (2717 Sutton Blvd) is a consulting engineering firm specializing in Healthcare, Aviation and Institutional facilities engineering. The company continues to grow around a “core group” of people that are second to none in the engineering profession.

August, 2011

Paramount Jewelers

Paramount Jewelers, located at 7348 Manchester Avenue, has been serving generations of St. Louisans for decades. On August 25, owners Paul and Mary Buenger will kick off the 65th anniversary of Maplewood’s premier jewelry store.

Paul, who has worked at the bench of Paramount for 32 years, purchased the store several years ago and since then has implemented some impressive marketing changes. “We have so many fantastic, loyal “Friends of Paramount,” Paul says. “We managed to grow the business to what it is today utilizing the original business model from 1946.” As Paul took ownership and the business continued to prosper, he realized he needed a more efficient model. He made the decision to incorporate change-not always easy for an owner who’s experiencing success – and he and his staff could not be happier. “We have included fresh new displays that highlight our pieces, and we have moved into the tech-age with computerized systems, an appealing web site, and now we’re even on Facebook.”

To recognize Paramount’s business longevity and commitment to the City of Maplewood, the store will be recognized by the Mayor at an in-store ceremony on the evening of August 25. Paul and Mary will be on hand, as will staff, to welcome Chamber members, City officials, and “Friends of Paramount” in celebrating 65 successful years. The festivities will kick off a series of events, taking place each month, October through December of this year. Drawings include matching man’s and lady’s watches, earrings, and a grand prize of a .65 carat diamond solitaire pendant.

If you are strolling under the impressive neon light of Paramount Jewelers, go in for a friendly chat as so many already do, and get your name entered for a drawing. You, like Paramount Jewelers, may be a winner!
Written by Cher Lowther

August, 2011

Mosaic Family Fun Run-September 10th

Mosaic Services, a non profit that serves at risk children in the MRH School District will hold its 3rd Annual Family Fun/Run Walk on September 10, 2011. There will be other activities including a visit from Fredbird, clowns and a caricature artist.

More information about the event and registration is available on their website by clicking here.