July, 2012

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July, 2012

Maplewood Business: Vom Fass

Vom Fass has quickly become one of the many success stories in Maplewood as they have been growing and thriving here for two and a half years. A high quality product, friendly service, a unique concept, and strong relationship with neighboring businesses have been major contributors to Vom Fass’s success.

Vom Fass translates from German as “From the cask” which is exactly how their products are served.  They sell an array of high quality fruit vinegars, oils, select wines and liquors most of which are stored in wooden casks in the store. You can pick out your bottle from a selection and pour in your product of choice. Of course you can reuse the bottle when you’re done and bring it back in for a refill. They even let you taste the products so that you can try new flavors and get exactly what you want.

The company is part of a franchise that is popular in Europe and has six stores in the US. Last year the Vom Fass in Maplewood was the second best performing store in the country and they’re hoping that with continued growth they’ll become the best performing store in the country. Anita von Ballmoos attributes the success of their store to having good relationships with neighboring businesses. Each month Vom Fass hosts a cooking class in store that is taught by Chef Cassy of Home Wine Kitchen These classes sell out quickly so make sure to reserve your place early! Vom Fass also enjoys a complementary relationship with Penzey’s and they often send customers each other’s way.

Vom Fass serves only the highest quality products and they have some unique
your dish over the top or trying to entertain your creative side. If you have questions while you’re there be sure to check with the friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand.  flavors so drop by there if you’re looking to get that special ingredient to push

Vom Fass has quickly become a great member of Maplewood’s business community. They are located at 7314 Manchester Ave and they can be found online at http://www.vomfassusa.com/.

July, 2012

Boogaloo on the Maplewood Minute

Boogaloo was featured on the Maplewood Minute this week on 103.3 KLOU. Check out the video, the pictures are sure to make you hungry!

Find out more information on how to get your business featured on the Maplewood Minute.

July, 2012

Maplewood Business: The Turner Center for the Arts

Maplewood is a blossoming city that has a very unique and special persona shaped by an abundance of artistic energy, boundless creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of community, and widespread charitable kindness. One member of our business community that embodies the very best of the fabrics that make up Maplewood is the Turner Center for the Arts.

From just walking in to the Turner Center I knew right away that it was a special place. I was warmly greeted by several artists who were eager to show me their work. The Turner Center is an art studio which gives people with behavioral issues and disabilities an outlet to express their creativity.

The studio sessions for these artists have proven to be very beneficial. Some artists who have not been able to contain their behavioral issues elsewhere have had no problems at all at the Turner Center. Director Nate Larson attributes this to the freedom of choice that the artists have and the noninvasive environment that the friendly staff provides.

Many of the artists at the Turner Center are highly skilled despite whatever disabilities they may have. The art is created using a variety of media like pencils, paints, and paint markers and is created on a variety of surfaces ranging from paper to suitcases.

The Turner Center is a very affordable place for the artists to work and is willing to make deals with artists who can’t meet the very nominal fees. In order to support the Turner Center they sell some of the art that is created there. Half of the proceeds go to the artists who often times are on very limited fixed incomes and the other half goes to the Turner Center to help support the costs of supplies. The Turner Center utilizes another creative project to generate funding as well called Art House Coffee.

Art House Coffee is a coffee service that benefits the Turner Center for the Arts. You can have everything coffee, from beans to full service, delivered to your door for daily coffee or meetings. The coffee beans are purchased from responsibly grown suppliers and are roasted at the Turner Center. In addition to the coffee delivery service Art House Coffee has a coffee machine dubbed the“Coffee Beast”. The Beast was previously housed at the Crestwood Courts where it dispensed fresh coffee and provided its proceeds to the Turner Center. In addition to serving delicious coffee the Beast provided a supported work experience for a person with disabilities. Really, how could you go wrong with delicious coffee while supporting a great cause?

Be sure to make a stop at the Turner Center during Let Them Eat Art on Friday July 13th and be sure to try out their coffee as well. Their website is www.turnercenterforthearts.org, and they can be reached at 781-4440. Art House Coffee has a website www.arthousecoffees.com gibe them a try for your daily coffee or meetings. If you know of any places that they may be able to fit the Coffee Beast give them a call at 306-7626.

July, 2012

Chamber Radio Ads

We’re offering our Chamber members a radio spot on the “Maplewood Minute”! The radio spot will air on Friday mornings between 7a.m-8a.m on 103.3 KLOU. Here’s the details:

  • The cost of the spot is $170 for one minute on the radio.
  • The Maplewood Minute will air over 28 weeks ending December 28, contact Nick Bettger to schedule your advertisement.
  • You will provide talking points for the advertisement. Talking points should be sent to Nick two weeks in advance of your scheduled advertisement.

For questions/scheduling your ad, call or email Nick Bettger at the Chamber office.


Listen to past radio advertisements:

Maplewood Minute, June 22nd - Featuring Let Them Eat Art’s Dog Costume Contest

Maplewood Minute, June 29th – Featuring Let Them Eat Art

Maplewood Minute, July 6th – Featuring Let Them Eat Art’s Music



July, 2012

Extra, Extra: July Member News, Events & Other Tidbits

Extra, Extra

Chamber Member News, Events & Other Tidbits


Congratulations to Home Wine KitchenVom Fass, The Post Sports Bar and Grill, and The St. Louis Salt Room for making St. Louis Magazine’s A-List! Congratulations to The Post Sports Bar and Grill, Schlafly Beer and Kakao Chocolate for winning in the Sauce Magazine Readers Choice Poll.


The Post Sports Bar & Grill: The Post is having a Customer Appreciation Party on Friday, July 13th. Customers will get 25% off all regular priced food and drink and they’ll be raffling off a trip to Las Vegas at 9 p.m.! The trip includes buy one get one free airline tickets and a 2 night stay for 2 at the Riviera.


S. Carmody Photography: Ellen Jantzen’s “Losing Reality” series explores the alternate states of reality and the nature of personal loss. The images are inspired by events in her life – she and her husband moved from California to St. Louis to care for her mother-in-law who was succumbing to the ravages of Alzheimer’s. Her images depict how a person adapts to loss and how the body, mind and spirit are absorbed and transformed by that loss. “Losing Reality” opens during the Let Them Eat Art Festival on July 13th.


Kakao Maplewood: Kakao was voted favorite place to buy chocolate and candies in the Sauce Reader’s Choice Poll! Drop by Kakao to try some chocolates and sundaes!


Maplewood Public Library: The Maplewood Public Library will be hosting a Family Movie Night on July 9th, and the Noir Movie Night- Double Indemnity on July 26th. Both events start at 6:30 p.m. More information can be found at www.maplewood.lib.mo.us


Do you have news to share? If you want your company news promoted in the newsletter or on the website, simply send the information in a Microsoft word document, ready for print to nbettger@maplewood-chamber.com.


July, 2012

Maplewood Business: The Kerry Cottage

The Kerry Cottage
has been a mainstay of Maplewood for 25 years. It takes its name from Kerry County, Ireland where owner Maura Lawlor’s grandparents came from. The Irish themed shop started when Maura and her mother convinced their father, who owned the building and ran a small office in it, to let them open up a small Irish themed shop in the part of the building that he wasn’t using. The Kerry Cottage was born and grew quickly while her father’s office was continually allocated to a smaller and smaller portion of the building. Eventually the Kerry Cottage took over the whole building and completed the Irish theme by putting thatching on the roof.

The Kerry Cottage has everything Irish including clothes & jewelry. Maura tests out all clothes she sells on herself to make sure that the materials meet her high standards of quality before selling them at the Kerry Cottage. Maura has her own clothing line: the St. Louis Irish which she designs, embroiders, or screen prints herself.

Another shop favorite is the Tara’s Diary bracelets. These charm bracelets tell the story of an Irish girl. In the shop they have a signup book where you can make a wish list of charms for your friends and family to come in and pick out the right charms for your gift.

The Kerry Cottage has been a strong business in Maplewood, be sure to check them out for anything Irish that you desire. The Kerry Cottage is located at 2119 South Big Bend Boulevard. Call them at (314) 647-0166 or check them out at www.kerrycottage.com.

July, 2012

Maplewood Business: Madosky Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center

Dr. William Madosky believes that a healthy body requires a healthy, energetic nervous system. He does it all while supporting a healthy lifestyle approach to keep you alive and smiling for many years to come. Dr. Madosky has two chiropractic tables, practices acupuncture and auricular therapy (acupuncture focused on the ear), helps with sports rehab, and nutritional programs. In short, anything that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle Dr. Madosky can assist you with.

What really impressed me about visiting Dr. Madosky was his obvious passion for his profession. In explaining to me the many various things that he does I could tell that this isn’t a job for him it’s a lifestyle that he follows himself. I was left with the impression that he truly wants to help his patients be healthy and happy.

Dr. Madosky is a friendly and caring chiropractic physician who treats all age ranges. Weather you have a week old child or you are elderly Dr. Madosky can help you find a healthy lifestyle. Dr. William Madosky has been an active member of the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce since 1988 and has been running his own practice in the Maplewood area since 1991. Contact Madosky Chiropractic and Acupuncture at (314)645-8805 or at www.drmadosky.com.

July, 2012


Gisèle’s is a unique French-inspired boutique with a vintage touch located in the heart of Maplewood.  Gisèle’s has been in Maplewood for six-years, four years on Sutton and the last two on Manchester.  Brenda Wolf, the owner, lived in Belgium for 2 ½ years and named her boutique after her neighbor in Europe.

Visit the boutique and enjoy the soothing music as you browse the one-of-a-kind pieces purchased on  shopping trips to Europe and fashion apparel, berets, pashminas and  beautiful jewelry made from vintage  molds found in France. Customers enjoy browsing the ever-changing French romantic inspired boutique. Fleur de lis and eiffel tower accents are available for your home and garden, along with unique lighting and special baby gifts. You won’t want to miss a little bit of Paris in the heart of Maplewood. Visit giselesparis.com and “like” us on facebook & Twitter. Have a question, email us at giseles1947@gmail.com.