December, 2012

Maplewood Business: The School of Metaphysics

The School of Metaphysics is a school on Oakview Terrace that teaches students how to find fulfillment within their lives and to help develop a better sense of personal responsibility.  The SOM chose Maplewood as its location because of the active, friendly and involved community environment of Maplewood. A house was chosen instead of a traditional school building because it offers a less “sterile” environment than the traditional classroom and the home environment is conducive to creating a family-oriented and connected environment.

The School of Metaphysics serves to teach its students (young and old) how to be productive members of society. The subject matter is different than what you would find at most traditional schools. Students learn various life skills that help them to find fulfillment in their personal lives and their family lives. Exercises help students to develop their sense of personal responsibility. Leadership skills, healthy lifestyles, and the effect of religion on personal development are all taught in the school.

Just like any other school there is homework. Each day the students are asked to do a mental discipline exercise or meditation. At the start of their schooling these exercises may last about 15 minutes but as a student’s studies progress the exercises tend to last longer. In addition to the mental discipline exercises students are asked to read and write- several graduates have actually written books that current students read.

One of the school’s practices that really displays the character of the school sticks out to me: each month the school takes 15% of the donations that they take in (they ask for a $20/week donation from students in order to attend) and they give it away to someone in need. They locate somebody in the St. Louis area who is actively trying to better their lives and anonymously give that person cash.  From some donation recipients that have run down students to thank them they have learned that these donations have helped to keep roofs over families heads and put food on their tables.

If you’re interested in learning more about the school check out their website or give them a call at 645-0036.